Why Nursing?

I worked all day on another post that was A LOT deeper than this one but decided against posting it at the moment because I think you need to get to know me better first.


I know what you’re thinking- you’re frickin crazy for choosing nursing, which is true, I’m crazy. When I tell people all I hear is “wow, that’s so hard but very rewarding”, “so honourable but hard work”. But seriously why would I choose a career that involves; long hours, shift work, minimal breaks, low pay for what it entails, the complexity of having to keep people alive daily, having to do maths (yuck), compassion fatigue, high risk of injury, unsupportive ward culture- the list goes on. Well, why wouldn’t I?


The fact that I haven’t won the lotto yet and now have to work for the next 50 years or so is annoying in itself but at 17-years-old (yes its ridiculous that we have to choose what we want to do for the rest of our lives at that age) I just couldn’t see myself sitting at a desk behind a computer all day, everyday for all those years.


Nursing was never my first or even my last choice at the beginning of year 12. All I wanted to do was party (which is exactly what I did oops), I hardly studied, went out pretty much everyday during the week and on the weekends and just could not find a bone in my body that cared enough to even try outside of school. I wanted to be an Event planner or a Marketing manager- something that I soon realised would give me very little job satisfaction (other than the big money of course). I was really interested in Journalism but decided against but, I’m glad that I can now pursue that in my own way through blogging. I graduated and received no awards and an average ATAR but that’s what I should have expected.


Rewinding a few months before graduation. I ended up in hospital (alcohol poisoning sorta shit, I wasn’t lying when I said all I did was party, oh and had a toxic social life but that’s a different story again lmao). During my short stay I was greeted by multiple nurses who took my vitals, many who could hardly speak English and didn’t bother trying to engage in any conversation with me what-so-ever. Then a male nurse came in. He asked me how the heck I got myself in that state and explained each vital sign while listening to my long story as to how I ended up in this mess. I was so sad that he had to leave me and end his shift, to be able to vent to a stranger who totally didn’t judge my situation at all was honestly just what I had needed.


Looking around at all the other mediocre, overworked nurses I realised- I can so do this for a living and be just as amazing as that male nurse. That day my whole outlook completely changed- too bad it was too late to start getting my shit together at school but thank god there are other paths to help people that didn’t give a shit about school get into uni.

A lot of my facebook friends have heard a bit of this story (sorry guys) but I just would love to praise Western Sydney University, The College yet again for helping people like me achieve our dreams. Enrolling in a 12-week intensive Nursing and Health Science Foundation course enabled me to really prepare for my 1st year of uni. I couldn’t speak more highly of the course and I would suggest it to anyone, whether you’re just finishing school or are older and wanting a career change. They have multiple courses too, from Policing to Arts so everyone has a chance to get into uni.


After just 1 semester I have found my calling and I absolutely love it. I have had to fight my way in and that makes me even more proud of myself. No doubt is it going to be hard but the rewarding nature of the job will certainly outweigh the hardships. Cant wait to update you guys more on my degree.


-That’s me me signing off for the week. I’d love to thank everyone for the support so far, this is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. I cant wait to continue writing for you!