Why low maintenance friendships are the shit

Tonights’ post is so relevant because I have had a real low maintenance friendship with my blog the last 2 months (like basically every relationship in my life oops) and I actually have started to miss it. My uni exams are finally over and I am officially a 2nd year Student Nurse (fuck yes) so now I can put more time into doing some of the things I love again.


First things first I want to explain why I have taken an extended holiday from blogging. Okay so I kind of explained it briefly on my Facebook page but as I said when I started my blog, I am super passionate about Mental health awareness and I thought October (Mental health awareness month) was the perfect time to share my story to not only inform others that they can get through it but also educate on coping strategies and raise awareness. I am apart of multiple blogging groups on facebook ranging from bloggers with a huge following that can afford to live off the income that their blog generates to people like me who are just starting out. Long story short I received some negative but also insightful feedback and ultimately I never ended up posting. I was so close to just deleting my blog all together as I am really passionate about helping people and I knew this was something that I have always wanted to talk about. My idea had literally been shat on (bit dramatic) but yeah I decided I needed to put my future career first rather than my passion. Hopefully, I will have the courage to post it another day but anyway I’m back with a bit of a lighter post that I’m sure many can relate to now we have hit that awkward 18-21 age group.


95% of my friendships are low maintenance and I have really learnt to love it. From being a needy bitch that needs to be with her friends every waking minute of the day to the most chill, casual and loyal friend one could ever have (I really enjoy being able to always have my friends there but also know that we have our own lives). So I have put together a lil list of the main reasons why I love my low maintenance friendships so frickin much !


1. You get to live your own lives without worrying about abandoning each other. They are busy on their journey to become the next President of the U.S or whatever, while you’d rather spend your time downing alcohol at the local pub whenever you can escape your corporate job. You update each other whenever you can about any spectacular achievements, but it never feels like you don’t know each other anymore.

2. There’s literally NEVER any drama in your friendship. You both have no interest in petty drama (I mean the President can’t be too petty).

3. You don’t set any expectations for one and other, and it’s actually amazing. You don’t have any of those stupid “friendship rules” that require you to meet up twice every month until you’re too old to do so (even though you try to). Who doesn’t love a low level of clinginess ???

4. When you REALLY need each other, you are both never too busy. You would even squeeze them into your schedule for 20 minutes just so that they can have a rant and a cuddle.


6. You don’t even recall how long you’ve been friends but you know its been pretty fuckin long. You’ve been each other’s constants for the longest time and will probably continue to do so until the day you die (loves the day 1’s).

7. You never let each other feel neglected. When you see each other post a cryptic fb status or share a sad quote on instagram, you are the first one to text each other just to ask what’s up, even if you haven’t talked for months before that (which is highly likely).

8. My favourite is you never hesitate to ask each other out. You know how sometimes, you have to think twice before asking some friends if they want to hang out and chill? (mostly because this are more of a needy friendship) you never have to do that with each other. You just know this friend will be like “fuck yeah lets go to coffee, omg I have so much to tell you”.

9. Running in to each other at the most random places turns out to be the highlights of your friendship. Because sometimes, your plans never push through. Then one day while you’re lurking through the shops, you see each other and almost immediately do a coffee run together and cancel plans for the rest of the day.

10. You take “catch up sessions” to a whole new level. You don’t see each other as much as you’d like to, so when you do get to spend time together, you make sure to fill each other in on what’s happening to your lives. A catch up session means hours and hours of talking about what you did over the past year because that’s literally how long its been since you last saw eachother (that’s noy a bad thing).

11. Last but defs not least, you love each other to death because you find so much comfort in knowing that you can spend months or even years apart, but when you see each other again, it’s like nothing has changed. That’s the realest type of friendships.


I mean all types of friendships are amazing but I love my Low Maintenance ones the most (you all know who you are), so much love !! I should be posting more regularly now I am on uni holidays for a bit so hopefully you can all relate to this in one way or another hehe.

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