How I lost 12kgs without a gym

Hey my lil angels ! I have decided that I will not try to put pressure on myself to post weekly as this is just my hobby and I want to enjoy doing what I love rather than put pressure on myself to produce content when I need to be doing other things (not that my blog isn’t important to me but life gets in the way). In saying that I have been a busy bitch from finishing my 1st year of uni with great marks to working 8+ hours a day and of course pushing myself to train 2 hours a day. Now by popular demand from friends and random instagram followers I have finally found the time to write this blog post so here’s my weight loss background story before I get into the shit that you actually wanted to know about (not sorry). Just to remind everyone I AM NOT A DIETITION, NUTRITIONIST, EXERCISE SCIENTIST, PERSONAL TRAINER ECT. THIS IS JUST WHAT HAS WORKED FOR ME, WE ARE ALL MADE DIFFERENTLY.


I have never been “skinny”. I would call myself petite I guess ? I am short and have short limbs and have never really been fat but yet still never been skinny either. My weight tended to fluctuate depending on how great (or shit) my life is going at the time. Now for a girl this is completely normal as our weight shifts between 1-2kgs up and down during the month but mine could be anything up to 5kgs and that IS NOT NORMAL. I would binge eat and then not eat at all the next day, abuse laxatives if I had somewhere to goon the weekend and then exercise when I “felt like it” (lets be honest what normal person ever actually feels like exercising) so that meant once a week max. I attempted every single fucking fad diet there is and of course you lose like 5kgs in one week and gain it back in 3 days, so unsustainable. I had eventually wound up gaining 15kgs in 2.5 years (ew). Now if any of the above is you I’d assume that you aren’t mentally healthy and before even attempting to lose weight that has to be in check because I made some huge changes before even beginning to see results. First of all (sounds cliché as fuck), I cut every single negative person out of my life. I probably went overboard but I really don’t care lmao. If I saw one annoying thing on facebook I’d delete (oops) but hey I am the happiest ever so, not bothered. Then I got really into my studies at uni (to the point where I even did all my lecture and readings which is an accomplishment in itself), after those results showed everything seemed to really fall into place. I also try to meditate during the week and it sounds lame and stupid but you become so much more mentally strong and you really feel in touch with yourself as strange as that sounds.




Now, onto the good stuff. As honest as I am, I’m not going to share my start or finishing weight because that’s not particularly helpful (we all have different muscle mass’ ect.) but lets just say I started at the beginning of September fucking hating myself. I don’t use a gym, I literally fucking hate my gym and we are in the middle of setting up a home gym so I am so excited. All you need to get started is a treadmill, $6 Kmart ankle and wrist weights, a chair and a yoga matt. 3-6 days a week I do from about 1-2 hours of cardio. I have made up my own lil program as I go because I got a bit bored but I didn’t want to give up just because of that. Here is my everyday exercise including a HIIT circuit I made up lmao (you’re welcome in advance X).


-       I begin walking on the treadmill at the highest incline doing 7.4kms an hour for 10 minutes with the ankle weights on (I started at 6kms an hour and have built my way up to being able to walk this fast for a long period of time).

-       Circuit (15-20 reps, 5 sets), this can be done after either 40 minutes of walking or break up the walk into 10 minute chunks adding up to 50 minutes.

o   15-20 push ups

o   15-20 crunches

o   15-20 oblique twist thingys

o   15-20 of those things where you move from side to side and touch each toe kinda (can tell I’m no expert, I’ll add a link below to explain that one lmao).

o   15-20 hip thrusts

o   15-20 donkey kickbacks

o   15-20 soldier touches

o   15-20 tricep dips

-       Once I get back on the treadmill I do 40 lunges (20 each leg) at full incline on about 2-3kman hour.


I usually finish sweating so much I could fill my pool lmao but as I said everyone is different and some might find it does fuck all but I’m just sharing my experience. All of the above is a fuck ton of cardio and beside my 2kg arm and ankle weights I have not used any at all (due to not eating enough) but all the fitness bloggers say that you need to be using weights in order to lose weight so just saying, good old cardio is still lit (and it works).




Due to the type of job I have (I drive around constantly and I don’t get a lunch break) I need to be able to eat meals that I can have in the car. Obviously the most conveinant thing to do is maccas duh but I can’t do that anymore (sadly)because I am a broke bitch and I don’t want to be fat anymore. Due to eating wayyyy less my stomach has shrunk to probably ¼ of the size that it was before. This isn’t healthy obviously but I am not starving myself. I try to eat 1,000 calories daily as that is what I am capable to burning when I exercise. I’m thinking that drinking 2-3L of water daily is probably contributing to not being hungry also but I love my water hehe. Despite this I have written a lil meal plan on what I do eat when I get the chance. This includes:


Breakfast: granola, 1 piece of wholegrain toast with avocado, blueberries, green tea or a soy iced latte

Lunch: greek salad, blueberries, smoothie bowl, tuna and crackers, strawberries

Dinner: chicken/beef with veggies (if the meal includes pasts or rice I usually only eat the meat)

Snacks: strawberries, blueberries, almonds, green tea, soy iced latte, low carb bar


This is just the easiest and quickest stuff I can throw in the car and eat without having to heat anything up or have anything too heavy. I have recently read in an article that the amount you eat (5 meals a day ect.) doesn’t actually contribute to losing weight, its ensuring that you are eating meals that are nutritious and give your body the fuel it needs to run as well as burning off the same amount that you put in which brings me to my last part of the post.




Throughout this experience (and beyond this as I am not yet where I want to be), I have been tracking my progress by taking weekly photos and weighing myself. There are a few apps that help by keeping everything in the same place but my two favourites are:



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